Study Program

Leadership Expectations and Attributes for the Development of Effective and Responsible Supervisors

Comprehensive Promotional Program for Fire Captain
  • Multiple Choice Written
  • Essay Preparation
  • Civil Service Interview
  • Assessment Role Play
  • Three Whole Score
California State Fire Marshal (CSFM)
  • Fire Command 1A
  • Fire Command 1B
  • Fire Command 1C
  • Fire Management 1
  • Intermediate ICS 200
  • Intermediate ICS 300
CSFM "FSTEP" Courses
  • S-190 Fire Weather
  • S-290 Engine Boss
Captain I List Expires July 2010
Comprehensive Instructional Program
MOU Bonus Possible After Course Completion
12 College Units Applied Towards Associate Degree
Web Based Information and Data

Robert Nelson
Tony Valdez
Don Steinman
Tim Werle